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Mirco's favorite sites r: ........

PIXAR Pixar Animation Studios

POV-Ray by * the GREAT POV-Team *

MORAYby * Lutz+Kretzschmar *
THE BEST POV-Modeler. Great improvements in the 3.x version !

VIVID by * Stephen B. Coy *
VIVID Just the FASTer Raytracer in the Universe !

BMRT by * Larry Gritz * NOW NOT AVAILABLE :(
BMRT is a POWERFUL Rendering Tools which adhere to the RenderMan® standard.

Rhino3D by * Robert McNeel *
Rhino3D is one of the BEST NURBS modeling for Windows.

spatch by * Mike Clifton *
sPatch is a & FREE spline-based modeling tool for Windows.
now evolved in the GREAT-EASY-POWERFUL HAMAPATCH !!!

Povlab by * Denis Olivier *
Povlab is a VERY GOOD and now FREE modeler for POVRAY.

...3D Computer Graphics Companies

Thanks to 3DCafe for supporting and archiving our 3DS models!

Viewpoint Viewpoint!

Thanks to OKINO for using some of our 3DS models for NuGraf test !

Propro group
Thanks to ProProGroup to give us a registered copy of bCAD 3 and a personal Gallery on Their site !!!

...3D Computer Graphics Galleries & Magazine

3D Artists
There U can find lots of GREAT 3D works.

Thanks to * Ikkie and Shoji * for exhibiting lots of our rendering in Their pages!

Thanks to my FRIEND * Gena Obukhov * for HIS GREAT sources files :))

CGW magazine A VERY GOOD 3D magazine.

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