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Each of the pictures below is linked to a larger JPEG, 3D Studio 4 (DOS)
was used as modeling tool but sometimes bCAD as better rendering tool.
For several of them the mesh file is available at 3D Cafetm a Platinum Pictures Multimedia® site.
The geometry file is free just for personal use NOT for commercial use!
For some of them direct download is available on RAPIDSHARE for the others please ask by e-mail!
BTW: to download from RAPIDSHARE choose "FREE" wait ... some seconds enter ... characters and click "DOWNLOAD"

82K 41K 54K
Coffee set -( 3DS4 ) Download

Watch -( 3DS4 ) Download

Coffee maker -( 3DS4 ) Download

44K 115K 32K
Frame 1 -( 3DS4 )  ASK by e-mail

Fruit on plate -( 3DS4 )  ASK by e-mail

Frame 2 -( 3DS4 )  ASK by e-mail

50K 31K 26K
Temple 1 -( 3DS4 )  ASK by e-mail

Coffee grinder -( 3DS4 )  ASK by e-mail

Cup -( 3DS4 )  ASK by e-mail

47K 45K 32K
Chess -( 3DS4 ) Download

Tricycle -( 3DS4 ) Download

Coke -( 3DS4 ) Download

82K 46K
Cloister -( 3DS4 ) Download

S.Candido's church -( 3DS4 )  ASK by e-mail

0 1 2 3 P1 P2 P3 T1 T2 T3 V1 B1 4 5 6 i

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